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Every Student Every School

In 2012/2013 Kurrambee School applied for and received Every Student Every School (ESES) assistance to evaluate the use of iPads with our students.  Kurrambee School has joined with Tallowood and The Hills SSPs to form a consortium.

Our project is entitled "Twenty First Century Learning: Can iPads be used as an effective tool for students with disabilities?". Kurrambee is concentratring on whether iPads can be used as an effective tool for our students to be able to communicate. Many of our students already use low-tech communication systems or expensive high-tech systems. iPads are an engaging piece of technology that is readily accesible by the general community.

We orginally chose two apps to concentrate on, Proloque2Go and ChoiceBoard Creator. Both of these apps are available from iTunes. After evaluating Proloque2Go compared to TouchChat AAC we have decided to work with TouchChat. We now have TouchChat on at least one iPad in every classroom.

To learn more about TouchChat, download the TouchChat Manual (PDF 130KB).

 The documents below are the tools we have created to assist us on our journey so far. Please contact us if you would like further information.